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Aerospace Parts Sourcing

  • Bliss Aerospace has been manufacturing standard parts approved by RCMA for the past 20 years for various Airborne platforms like ALH, CTH/CTK,LCA, SU-30,Dornier-228, etc. and also for Brahmos and other Missile programmes.
  • Bliss Aerospace has a good understanding of parts and systems required for these platforms due to their close interaction with these projects for the past 15 years.
  • With its experienced team of professionals, Bliss has an insight into the requirements of the current Aircraft and Helicopters in production and the older fleet which is in operation for more than 30 years. The life extension of the ageing fleet which is being completed will mean that these aircraft will be in operation till 2030.
  • Bliss can also source parts for the Military aircraft currently in production and will also be foraying into the Civil Aviation sector to provide on time delivery of spares for MRO during the current financial year.
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  • The spares required for MRO of the older aircraft are not in production with the OEMs. Bliss with its world wide contacts , represent companies in U.S.A, Europe and Russia focussing on sourcing these obsolete parts which would be required for the next 15 years.
  • Bliss can source parts for the following applications.
  •   Structures
  •   Aircraft Interiors
  •   Hydraulic systems
  •   Electrical and Electronics
  •   Consumables
  •   Tools
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